Integrated Security Management System
Integrated Security Management System

Efficient building management is becoming not only more important but a complex challenge. Most of the big organization are looking for multiple or integrated system to completely secure and manage a building. Safe control system provides an integrated security management system which allows combining different management functions on one platform and providing simple responses to difficult questions.

Networked Access Control
Network Access Control (NAC) is a computer networking which uses a set of protocols to define and implement a policy that describes how to secure access to network by devices when they initially attempt to access the network. At safe control system we provide standard based pre connect and post connect access control solution for wired and wireless LAN and VPN users. Our Network access control ensures that only the right users have access to the right information from the right place at the right time including time of day, location, authentication types, and end system and user groups.

CCTV Integration
We provide closed circuit Television system for remote surveillance which improves the safety and security of all our clients and customers. The CCTV integration is helpful in keeping doors closed and keeping important assets protected. Such CCTV integration is helpful for HR department who want to make sure that the time clocks are logged onto appropriately by the correct users.

Alarm Integration
We provide integrated alarm system which is a combination of clear defined alarm system or may be a combination of alarm system. We protect your personnel safety and even your business assets with sensors which could detect smoke, increasing or excessive heat, water flow gas etc.

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